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2015 Tomato Trials at Marty’s Acre

Ok, I’m late in getting in my early spring garden. In fact, it hasn’t happened :(. And, I did not plant my gamble garden tomato plants in late February or in March. The bad news is that I’m not enjoying radishes, peas, lettuce now like some of those early gardeners are. The good news is that the tomatoes planted today should be getting off to a good start, and (crossing fingers) shouldn’t need to be replanted because of a late spring frost/freeze. I predict that we are good to go as far as cold temperatures go.

Something I’ve done differently this year in planting my tomato plants is reducing the number of varieties that I’m going to plant – honestly. Planted today were 26 Jet Star variety tomato plants. In the past, I’ve gone on 3’ spacing in rows 4’ apart. This year, I’m spreading the plants out a bit and going on 4’ spacing in the row and staying with the 4’ row spacing. It’s going to make it easier to harvest the fruit.

I’m doing a little experiment with adding nutrients to the soil at planting time. 9 plants were planted with Earthworm Castings, 9 with Fox Farm Tomato & Vegetable Food and 8 plants with ferti-lome Gardener’s Special Plant Food. It will be interesting to see the difference in the growth and production of the 3 amendments. During the season, they will all receive the same fertilizer. I switch between Fox Farm Grow Big through an injector and drip tape combined with a side dressing of the ferti-lome Gardener’s Special.

Also going in are Jalapeño and Ghost Peppers, Burpless and Pickling cucumbers, and eggplant.

It’s time to get going on your Acre. I hope you stop by this Monday evening, April 13 for DOTA. Weather permitting we will be meeting in the front yard at the office, right across from the Acre. We are going to be enjoying the Pliny the Elder clone brewed last month at DOTA.

Happy Gardening,

  • TMurray

    Hey Marty,
    What sort of “drip tape” do you use and what watering volume to you recommend? thanks!

  • gotchile

    TMurray, We are using Chapin drip tape in the Acre, and sell it at the garden center. It puts out about 1 gph per dripper/per ft