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A Marty’s Acre Update

Gardeners watch the weather, and I’m no different. Early last week the forecast showed a pretty good chance of showers later in the week. I find it interesting when I hear people comment about wishing they could be right 50% of the time just like the weatherman. I’m one that tends to be amazed at how accurate they can forecast the weather. My friend (and Thursday 11:15 am KAKE interviewer) Meteorologist Frank Waugh will forecast a storm several days out – at night. I’ll keep my eye on the radar in the afternoon and see nothing, but then from nowhere a storm builds up and as always, Frank was correct with his forecast.

Last Tuesday I spent the day in the Acre, getting ready for the rain. I had been keeping the weeds between the rows, but in the rows, between the plants I had crabgrass germinating. Had I left it there the crabgrass would be a mess real quick. With my trusty eye hoe, I carefully cut out the unwanted weeds, tilled between the rows again, and the Acre is looking good! With a side feeding of Ferti-Lome Gardeners Special, warmer weather and some rain from Heaven, the summer tomatoes, peppers and vine crops will be rapidly growing and setting on fruit in no time.

I did have an unplanted row so I filled it in with my favorite tomato, Jet Star and one each of 6 varieties of grafted tomatoes. These grafted plants are heirloom varieties that tend to have a weak root system. Varieties such as Cherokee Purple are fused with a strong root system to increase plant vigor and increase production. The garden center has these 2′ tall grafted tomatoes available in a 2 gal container. They’re ready to start setting fruit very soon.

I also added more hot peppers. I started some habanero peppers transplants and hadn’t gotten them in the ground, until this Tuesday. Along with a 20′ row of okra, some pickling and english cucumbers. Needless to say, I’m about out of room. I’d like to plant another row of asparagus, which has become my favorite garden vegetable; for now anyway.

As always,

Happy Gardening


  • michelle

    I planted asparagus last year and this year I only received 3 ears off of 1 plant. 3 of the plants did not come back up this year. Any suggestions as to why this happened? I fed and watered as needed.

    • martysacre

      Hi Michelle,
      Sorry for the delay. My asparagus is in its 2 year. I harvested about 3 shoots per plant
      this spring on average. Keep the plants fed well and they should
      produce more next spring. As to why they didn’t come back, its always
      hard to tell. I kept mine well watered last summer and had good
      survival rate.
      Hope this helps,