About Us

The year was 2013. It was a tolerably warm month of January, and the family of Johnson’s Garden Center in Wichita, KS was eager to get their hands in the dirt. You see, across the street from the original Johnson’s Garden Center location on West 13th Street, there was a plot of land that was owned by the Johnson’s. In previous years, the land had been maintained as a very large garden, used mostly for their own benefit and consumption. This was all fine and good, the only problem was it lacked intention.

So the Johnson’s came together to see if there was some way that they could use the land to benefit the community of Wichita. How could they use it to instill the passion of gardening into the generations to come? Well, as they struggled to find a name for this piece of land, they continued to think of ways they could connect to said generation. Between the tools of technology, social media and a seemingly unused piece of land, they knew their potential was endless.

One day, one of the Johnson’s decided to dust off an old cd titled “Songs of the Garden” by Robin Macy. Robin is the steward of the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine, KS, who just so happens to be a great friend of Johnson’s Garden Center. As the third track on the disc began to play, the aforementioned Johnson knew they had the perfect name for this new initiative. In fact, as Robin sang these words:

“And it came to me like the ring of a bell,
It came to me like a bat outta hell,
Intention for invention turns the desert to Holy Land
(Holy Land, Holy Land)…
On your Acre of Land.

They knew this was it. This was to be an acre of land that was full of intention and one that would connect with gardeners of all ages, and all levels of experience.

This, our friends, is the story of Marty’s Acre.