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Asparagus on Marty’s Acre

Your Acre can be any size, with any number or type of plants in it. From an apartment deck or patio, a space devoted to a couple of tomato or pepper plants in your landscape beds, a vacant city lot, or a garden comprised of a couple of acres or more. All that matters is doing something productive with the space you are given. We’ve all been given an ‘Acre from our Maker’, let’s do something with it.

Marty’s Acre is a vacant city lot. No, it’s not 43,560 sq. ft., its 75 X 150 or 11,250 sq. ft. Take out the turf area by the street and the area around the compost, I’ll say I ‘farm’ 10,000 sq. ft. at the Acre.

asparagusThe only thing I’ve done so far this season is cultivate and put down Hi-Yield Teflan on the asparagus patch to keep it (more) weed free this year. The elm seedlings from last year in the rows will need to be pulled otherwise they will be 3’ tall by season’s end, robbing valuable water and nutrients from the asparagus. One of the best things about growing your own fresh vegetables is picking and eating right in the garden, straight off the plant. If you’ve never tried fresh asparagus in the garden, come see me. I’ll treat you to a spear or two.

Soon to go into the ground will be ‘Irish’ potatoes, cole crops – broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and maybe some cabbage. Radishes, onion plants, lettuce, and 6 gamble tomato plants. The soil has been worked and I’m ready to start planting. I’ve fertilized with Ferti-Lome Gardener’s Special Fertilizer. Being 11-15-11, it’s formulated especially for garden plants, either flower or vegetables. We’ve carried Gardener’s Special for decades. I vividly remember unloading hundreds of then pink colored bags in the past. Today it’s in a green bag, but it’s the same great product.

On the patio ‘Acre’, I’ve started a couple of container gardens. One in an Earthbox, a self watering planter that is great for growing vegetables, herbs or even flowers in a small space. Available this year is the ‘Jr’ size. I’ve also started a couple of deck rail planters complete with broccoli, mustard, pansies and lemon grass. These should make great ornamental and edible containers. Smart Pot has come up with a new line of decorative, shallow growing containers perfect for growing some vegetables in a small space. I’ve also planted up a couple of mixed containers with early vegetables and flowers.

I’m really excited about next month’s DOTA on April 13th. This will be the second month that we will enjoy a beer made at the previous month’s DOTA. Last month we enjoyed a Chocolate Milk Stout from on of our Brewer’s Best beer kits, a perfect late-winter treat. In March, Randy brewed a Pliny the Elder clone from Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa California. Pliny is consistently rated one of the top IPAs in the country. We brewed in one of our new FastFerment brewing system, and it’s shaping up to be a delicious beer. Stop into the stor and see it in action.

Happy Gardening,