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Caprese Salad

My tomatoes have finally begun to ripen in my acre, and my countertops have been graced with several different varieties of tomatoes including Black Krim (my personal favorite), Roma and Cherry. The thing I love about growing tomatoes is the abundance of produce that you get from just one single plant. However, there are times that it seems like every inch of my kitchen counter and refrigerator is covered in tomatoes, and it’s only a matter of time before they go bad. Ugh! the smell of rotten tomatoes..

Anyway, a favorite summertime salad of mine is the Caprese Salad that is typically a combination of tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and basil, topped with a balsamic dressing or reduction.

Here’s my recipe, I hope you enjoy it:

6-7 Ripe tomatoes – using a combination of varieties will make your dish more interesting in appearance
8-10 Basil leaves – cut them into pieces or leave them whole, totally depends on your preference
1 ball Fresh Mozzerella – cut into large, bite sized chunks

For the Balsamic reduction, my inspiration came from a lady named Dree. Most of you have probably heard of her, she is often called the Pioneer Woman.

Like her, I simply put “some” balsamic vinegar into a sauce pan and reduced it until it had thickened, it was probably 15-20 minutes.

Once you have everything chopped and reduced, toss it all together in a giant bowl and serve. Remember, this recipe is measured by preference. If you prefer more or less of something, do it however you want!

Hope you enjoy it!