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This is the ‘Schlafly’ Acre.

Last weekend I made the trip to St. Louis for a couple of reasons. The first was to see granddaughters, Zoe and Izy. Oh, and their parents, too. The second was to deliver their new flock of ducks. They have become quite the urban farmers as most of their back yard is now dedicated to […]

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

He went by Slim at Friends University. My guess is that his 6’4” frame weighed in at maybe 170 lbs, running around the track in school. Dad carried mail in the war, his service years took him through North Africa and Italy. I should have interviewed him in detail and journaled his war stories. He […]

This is ‘Uncle Dan’s’ Acre

He came to Wichita from Haviland, KS in 1900. As a devout Quaker, Uncle Dan Binford graduated from Friends University in 1907 and was awarded the Distinguished Alumni award in 1956. He went on to retire from KG&E in 1946 as chief clerk of customers accounting. Our Maker had given great Uncle Dan an ‘Acre’ […]

Orie’s Acre

I can remember my grandfather Orie in wearing those bib overalls working in the greenhouse like it was yesterday. Grandpa was a master at propagation of our spring bedding plants. I specifically remember him taking cuttings of Santolina, a grey leafed, shrubby annual that was a staple in our plant offerings of the 60’s and […]

This is ‘Coleman’s Acre’

As the kids make their way back to school, a very special group of middle schoolers are getting back to the acre that they started last spring. Coleman Middle School’s acre began with a set of 2x4s, a roll of weed barrier, compost/soil, seeds and a group of students who were willing to get their […]

This is ‘Jeremy’s Acre’.

Welcome to Jeremy’s Acre which you’ll find it situated on 13 acres in west Wichita. As an oasis unseen by the average passerby, Jeremy has done a wonderful job making the most of his space. In fact, he and his wife have been incredibly intentional about using their acre as an educational canvas to teach […]

This is ‘Teresa’s Acre’.

Update: We recently spoke with Teresa about her acre, and she had a great report for us! This summer has been a pretty good one, with a lot of bounty coming to the table. The sunchokes, which you’ll recall were Teresa & Suz’s experimental crop, are doing great. They’re currently about 10′ tall, but have […]

This is ‘My Acre’

You and me get an acre from our Maker, laying fallow and ready for the plow. Now what to do with that acre from the Maker? Yield a field of love if time allows. Since the beginning of Marty’s Acre, we’ve continuously talked about being intentional with our acre. One thing we haven’t done is […]