There are many things we, gardeners, can do to express our creativity through our gardens. It doesn’t necessarily need to be digging in the dirt 100% of the time, either. Allow your kids to use vegetables from your harvest to create pieces of art with produce as their paint brush. Use other things that you’ve found in nature to make a statement in your garden. Whether it’s using ancient spoons to dictate the varieties of your plants, or rocks that have been painted to coordinate, it’s imperative that we keep gardening fun.

Through this section of Marty’s Acre, we will be experimenting with ways to be creative with our garden. Homebrewing and wine making is a huge pastime of ours, and we’d love to share with you what we make as well as the processes we take. We will also do our best to get your kids involved in the gardening trade. Kids love to mimic their elders, and if we start ’em when they’re young by making it fun, they will be able to appreciate the hard work as well as the yield of the produce. And who knows, this may just be what is needed to get them to eat their veggies!