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Done with gardening, for now anyway.

Are you ever ready for the gardening season to be over? I hate to admit it, but I am. Oh, I love the fall gardening season and this fall’s weather has been exceptional, but I’m really thankful for the frost we had last weekend to finish off the plants – both the vegetables and the weeds.

I’ll be taking what was left after the frost, chopping it up, and adding it to the compost pile. I’ll probably mix in some chicken manure and/or cotton boll compost to make a great organic mix that can be incorporated into the garden next spring.

The best thing for the structure of any soil in the winter is to turn it. This will make a rough surface out of the large soil clods. The winter freeze/thaw cycle will create a great workable area for the Acre next March for the early spring vegetables.

ferti-lome Gardener’s Special worked into the soil at the time it’s turned this fall will be great for the 2015 early crops.

It’s a great time to be outside to plant spring flowering bulbs. Now that’s the gardening I enjoy in November.