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Early Summer Gardening

Mid May at The Acre is part planting summer crops and part maintaining previously planted crops. Planting last week included filling in a few more peppers from where I had planted habanero pepper and tomatillo seeds, just to see how well direct seeding these items would work. Well, it didn’t work. Either they didn’t come up, or they were too small after a month in the lambs quarters that had germinated. I moved the drip tape, tilled the area, transplanted some more Bhut Jolokia, Ghost peppers, that are approaching 12” tall. They will be producing WEEKS before the direct sown plants would have produced.

I planted acorn and butternut squashes as well. I like these because, unlike summer squash, they won’t get to be the size of base ball bats in just a couple of days if not harvested. Crimson sweet watermelon transplants were next to go in, these are always great treats in the summer.

The main project, however, was maintaining the tomato, pepper and squash plants that had started to grow as the nutgrass seems to continue to be an issue in the Acre. Without the use of a preventer, or chemical control around garden plants, it’s physical removal for this pesky weed. Again I moved the drip tape, tilled between the rows and hand weeded between the plants. The Acre looks great right now, you should come check it out.

My experiment with the fertilizers has been interesting. The last post showed the difference in results. On the plants previously that only had Earthworm Castings, I side dressed with ferti-lome Gardener’s Special. Fox Farm Tomato and Vegetable is still being used on those plants that originally had been fed with Fox Farm.

All of this was done in anticipation of the forecasted rain we were to receive mid week. Just as the Dr ordered, it started misting an hour after my time at The Acre was done.

The stores have lots of veggie plants and seeds to put in for a great summer and fall vegetable garden, so stop by and see us!

Happy Gardening,
Marty Johnson