‘Goings On’ at the Acre

Drinks on the Acre
November 14 – 5:30 PM

The 2nd Monday of every month we invite you to join us on location at Marty’s Acre to talk gardening and enjoy a selection of brew chosen by Marty. Some months it may be a special wine he’s been cellaring, another month it may be a beer recipe that was collaborated by the participants of Marty’s Acre, and maybe even some times it will be a craft beer selection unavailable in the Wichita area. You know, because Marty’s got connections.

Let no *gardening* topic be off limits. This time will be designated to the mission of Marty’s Acre. Building the Wichita Gardening Community one green, black or brown thumb at a time. Help spread the word. Bring your friends, your neighbors or perhaps a blind date.