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Introducing: Myography

We’ve come a long way with technology. Take photography for an example. With today’s telephones, we take a pretty good picture and edit it by making it clearer, lighter, darker, more dramatic, grunge it. We have the opportunity to change it more ways than imaginable. Once that’s done, it can be loaded onto the internet, and with in literally seconds shared around the globe. It’s amazing. Dad once said about all he knew about computers was how to turn one on. In Dad’s day, the quick form of communication was to send a post card with a spot to answer a question.

Maybe I’m getting old. I mean all that technology is pretty cool, but there is something about the good ole’ days. I think that we need to get back now and again for an appreciation of the advances we take for granted today. I enjoyed photography since high school. Years ago, we had to decide what type of image we wanted, B&W or color, prints or slides, slow or fast film and then buy film, load it into the camera, set the ASA, aperture or shutter speed depending on which camera you had, then take the picture. When 12, 24, or 36 pictures had been taken, the film would be sent to a lab and in several day, the finished product would be delivered. Hopefully they were in focus, and the proper amount of light had been sent through the lens for a good image, if not, then you had a few out to toss out. With todays cameras, we set it on automatic, look at the image on the back
of the camera, delete if its not what we wanted, edit it, send to the lab and pick up later that day.

Grandma Coulter was quite a photographer in her day. She always went to Moler’s Camera in downtown Wichita for her photographic needs. She shopped local! Recently, we’ve been frequenting Moler’s on east Douglas. It’s like a museum for camera buffs. Rows of old school film cameras and people that know about photography, film photography. We’re having fun with a new activity at DOTA on the 2nd Monday of each month. As you may know, DOTA started out a couple of years ago as an informal garden chat get together. We encouraged local home brewers and winemakers to join in. Much of the discussion recently has turned to craft beers, both home brewed and commercially produced at smaller craft breweries.

As couple of friends and myself that enjoy both cycling and photography have started a monthly photo competition called Myography (my-photography). Each month we have a different assignment, last month was to bring 4, 8X10 photos recently taken, and at least 2 being B&W. Sean’s railway photo was voted by those at DOTA as the best of the lot. On February 9, come and vote for your favorite photo taken with a 35 mm disposable camera. The winner gets to buy the others coffee!

  • Melody Everhart

    Well said!