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Lesson Learned

Our family always had an Acre to tend. My first recollection was in the lot behind our house, Dad let my brother Wes and I plant whatever we wanted. I’m thinking we were 8-10 years old at the time when we would traipse up to the garden center and each chose maybe a couple dozen tomato plants. I don’t know why, but a great percentage of them were cherry tomatoes! If you’ve ever planted cherry tomatoes, you’d know that 1 plant is plenty. The one thing I do remember though was that as the garden grew, so did the weeds! The weeds took over my garden, while I spent my time at Indian Hills swimming pool. I actually remember blaming my brother Wes for planting weed seeds on ‘my’ side of the garden! Sorry about that Wes. I do know what that early-in-life garden taught me was that with little thought and effort gardening is easy, and it can be weed free.

I look at the soil at the Acre and see that it’s made up of a great variation of soils in a city lot. There are areas where at one time somebody dumped carpet which means fiber incorporated into the soil. Another area is a mix of rocky packed soil where nothing grows at all. Most of the soil is a rich sandy loam and when worked properly at planting time produces many times the food that the other areas produce. I find that just like 50 years ago, the weeds can take over an area, robbing the plants of valuable food, water and light.
Seed Sower
It reminds me of this picture by artist Jeremy Sams of The Seed Sower. If he plants his seed on rocky soil, no seeds grows and the birds eat the seed. If let go, the weeds take over, but if planted on good earth his yield is greatly increased. Click on the photo to check out more of his amazing artwork!

Until next time – Happy Gardening!