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Marty’s Acre Fall Garden

I was ready to be done with my tomatoes for the 2015 gardening season.  The Jet Star variety did well, and my fertilizer experiment was interesting.  Ferti-Lome Gardener’s Special definitely got the plants off to a faster start than the Foxfarm Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food, which was much faster than the earthworm castings that 1/3 of the plants received.  By mid May, they all received the Gardener’s Special and they seemed to all be about the same size plants by mid summer.

Next year, I’ll do a combination of earthworm castings incorporated with the 2 fertilizers and see what happens.  Variety wise, I’ll continue to plant mostly Jet Star until another variety replaces it.

I’ve always thought that fall gardens are hard to beat for cool season vegetables.  Once my tomatoes were removed, I planted a row of broccoli transplants in mid August.  Being on drip irrigation, the young plants got off to a quick start.  I then noticed the dreaded Cabbage white butterflies flying around the broccoli – that meant the larvae was also there consuming the energy  that the foliage so badly needed to produce the broccoli heads.  Just as I expected, the foliage was starting to look like swiss cheese, full of holes.  I sprayed with Bonide Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew containing Spinosad. Within a few short days, the plants had large leaves and now have small broccoli heads forming in the center of the plant.

Last Thursday, I noticed on the radar what looked like a 100% chance of 1-2”+ of rainfall.  I worked up an area, broadcasted beet and radish seeds to be worked into the tilled soil.  As you remember, the storm split and went north and south of Wichita – SNAP, no rain.  This week, it appears like a good chance for moisture. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

If you haven’t attended DOTA, I invite you to attend.  It’s our 2nd Monday of the month informal garden chat, which is mostly an informal group of home brewers and beer lovers  sharing what their latest brew is.  It’s a great time for novice brewers to ask seasoned home brewers questions.  For December’s DOTA on the 14th, we are having the First Annual Brew Off.  Brew a batch of beer using Cranberries, Oranges and Pecans in any form.  It can be juice, whole, peels or however you choose to all the 3 ingredients.  Bring it in an unmarked bottle and the attendees will select a champion!  See you there!

Happy Gardening,
Marty Johnson