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Marty’s Gamble Garden 2013

Gamble Garden Onion SetsAfter we put together the raised bed on Marty’s Acre, we really had the inkling to get some sort of edible in the ground. It’s this time of year that really makes us, or really gardeners in general, to get dirt on our hands. To feel the earth on our palms, and soil underneath our fingernails is where we’re comfortable. We’ve taken the opportunity of mother nature’s offering of a few nice days to get an early (very early) spring garden going.

In our raised bed, complete with Cotton Boll Compost that adds nutritional microbes to the soil, we’ve planted red, white and yellow onions, as well as peas. It will be interesting to see how they do, being planted this early in the season, but we’re confident that the 15″ of snow we’ve recently received will provide not only moisture, but also insulation to protect the plantings from the below freezing temperatures that we’re experiencing. This will also rings true with the spring bulbs that you may have planted last spring. Even if they are peeking through your flower beds this early, have no fear. They’ll be fine.

In the meantime, check out the video that Marty put together for you to see just how easy it is to reap the rewards of a raised bed in your garden.

  • Marty Johnson

    I (Marty) checked the soil temperature under 14″ of snow and an overnight low around 6. At a soil depth the soil was 40 degrees. I’m confident the onion sets and early pea seeds are doing fine. And with 10 – 15″ of more snow in the forecast, I’m sure all is fine in the raised bed. Without the snow cover, a thicker straw mulch of 6-12″ would be good. I would remove most of the straw mulch when the temperatures rise and use in other areas of the garden as mulch.

  • Denise Loper

    It’s a month later (3/23) and we’re forecast for cold and rain/snow mix. Are you covering up your early garden or do you think it will do okay? Just curious how things are going with it!

    • martysacre

      Hey Denise! We were able to see the onions pop through the soil last week, so I think things are going well! As far as the cold/snow goes, we’re just going to let nature take it’s course. Snow is a great insulator for the cold, so it should be fine. Thanks for checking!