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Marty’s Itch to Garden

Are you getting the itch to plant your Acre? I sure am, especially with the temperatures this week forecasted into the 70’s and no frost in the foreseeable future. I’m confident that we will have frost, even a hard freeze or 2 before our average frost free date in mid April. But this weather forecast looks fantastic.

Marty’s Acre isn’t quite ready for planting. In fact, I’ll admit, I haven’t done anything at all at the Acre since harvesting the fall broccoli late last fall. Ideally, I would have had the plot turned or plowed and let the freeze/thaw cycle work it’s magic on the soil structure. Then the snow we received this winter would slowly melt, adding valuable moisture to the soil…except it hasn’t snowed any measurable amount this winter. Anyway, the freeze/thaw cycle is helping soil structure this winter. I don’t see having the Acre plowed in the near future, so a garden version of a farmers ‘no till’ will be used this spring in planting the Acre. I’ll lightly rototill the rows where the plants and seeds are to be planted, but in-between the rows I won’t disturb the soil.

Seed potatoes, onion sets, tomato plants, cole crops as well as all the early spring vegetable seeds are now in stock. With the weather forecast we have, I’m going to get started in the Acre soon!

Happy Gardening!

  • Elvis Meisters

    Will this work also for 2017? 😀 Ok, joke, thanks for the tips.