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One Garden Glove can Reap a Hundredfold

Hunger can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Just like this commercial’s tag-line: You’re not YOU when you’re hungry.

Now while this commercial is comical to most of us, hunger is a real issue that affects 1 in 6 Americans ( ). More importantly, nearly 16 million children go to school hungry everyday. When children go to school hungry, they risk an inability to concentrate, poor academic performance, and illness. They also are at a significant risk of health problems in adulthood. While there are more and more opportunities for reduced/free breakfasts and lunches at school to give these kids a chance at a couple of meals a day, what happens during the summer when school’s out?

Since it’s inception, the mission of Marty’s Acre has been for us to be intentional with our Acre, just as we’re called to be a giver if we’re able. We all know that when we purchase a packet of seeds, or in Marty’s experience plant more than one cherry tomato plant, there is far more bounty of the crop than an average family of four can consume before they tire of it. This is where Plant a Row for the Hungry comes in to play.
Established in 2000, Plant a Row has donated over 450,000 pounds of food to the Kansas Food Bank. In 2013 they donated over 50,000 pounds of fresh, home grown food donated by gardeners like you and me. When we plant a little extra, we’re able to make a big difference. As your garden grows and your bounty overflows, bring your extra to any of the Johnson’s Garden Center locations. We’ll make sure it gets to Plant a Row and the people who need it most.