Prepare the Table

Some of the most delicious meals are made from the homegrown love that we all work so hard for. If you saw this post, you realize what a huge impact we can make on our earth by growing our own food.

By gardening things that we want to eat and trying new things that we may have raised our noses at in the past, we can lead more healthy lifestyles, and really be intentional with the acre we’ve all been given. Also, by sharing what we harvest, we can all make a difference. In fact, one of the most powerful verses in “Acre of Land” says

You’ve got to be a giver if you’re able…Seems we got more takers than we need…Cultivate, create, prepare the table…Then count the bushel baskets you will feed.

In this section, we will post recipes and ideas for you to try. May we encourage you to branch out and try something new. Maybe even try growing one crop each season that you haven’t tried before. If you come across a recipe that you’ve found to be absolutely delicious, email us! We’d love to add it to the list. Most importantly, remember…

One garden glove can reap a hundredfold…So stake your claim, sustain and tend your acre…For he that grows will not grow old.