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Lying fallow and ready for the plow.

I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning up the Acre since I had sold the garden tractor with the bush hog mower deck that made cleaning up old plant material a snap. That was until Aaron Snook, a friend that owns Seeders, walked into the office on Wednesday afternoon. In the past, he had sent a […]

Done with gardening, for now anyway.

Are you ever ready for the gardening season to be over? I hate to admit it, but I am. Oh, I love the fall gardening season and this fall’s weather has been exceptional, but I’m really thankful for the frost we had last weekend to finish off the plants – both the vegetables and the […]

I don’t wanna be a nugget!

By now we’ve learned that getting started with chickens can be easy as 1, 2, 3 and how much happier local free range eggs are compared to factory farmed eggs. In this post we want to talk about the birds themselves and the benefits they can bring to your range. Insect Control: This is a […]

Marty’s Gamble Garden 2013

After we put together the raised bed on Marty’s Acre, we really had the inkling to get some sort of edible in the ground. It’s this time of year that really makes us, or really gardeners in general, to get dirt on our hands. To feel the earth on our palms, and soil underneath our […]

Raised Beds

At Marty’s Acre, our goal is to show you how you can make the most of your acre with the resources that are currently available to you. For example, building raised beds out of materials out of your garage, or are easy to come across. Raised beds are great for small gardening spaces that you […]