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A Marty’s Acre Update

Gardeners watch the weather, and I’m no different. Early last week the forecast showed a pretty good chance of showers later in the week. I find it interesting when I hear people comment about wishing they could be right 50% of the time just like the weatherman. I’m one that tends to be amazed at […]

Weeds: The Catch-22 of Gardening.

Weeds, a necessity I say. I believe God put them on earth for a good reason. What?! Those pesky plants that seem so innocent when young, but as they mature they can take over an area in no time. Believe it or not, by reseeding themselves each year weeds actually reduce soil erosion from water […]

My Grandma, the foodie.

If you get our weekly enews articles then you’ve met my Grandmother Coulter, the War Cry Lady. She sold the Salvation Army’s magazine in downtown Wichita for years, and never drove or owned a car. It was usually the bus or trike (my favorite) she rode to run errands from her home on Woodland in […]

One Garden Glove can Reap a Hundredfold

Hunger can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Just like this commercial’s tag-line: You’re not YOU when you’re hungry. Now while this commercial is comical to most of us, hunger is a real issue that affects 1 in 6 Americans ( ). More importantly, nearly 16 million children go to school […]

Marty’s Gamble Garden 2013

After we put together the raised bed on Marty’s Acre, we really had the inkling to get some sort of edible in the ground. It’s this time of year that really makes us, or really gardeners in general, to get dirt on our hands. To feel the earth on our palms, and soil underneath our […]

Raised Beds

At Marty’s Acre, our goal is to show you how you can make the most of your acre with the resources that are currently available to you. For example, building raised beds out of materials out of your garage, or are easy to come across. Raised beds are great for small gardening spaces that you […]