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2014 Thorns & Roses

The summer of 1968, our boy scout troop took a trip to the high adventure summer camp Philmont Scout Ranch, near Cimmeron, New Mexico. We departed in a passenger van from Eastgate Shopping Center early in the morning and spent the night in LaJunta, CO at the Koshare Indian Museum. What a great experience that […]

Marty ‘Digs’ Potatoes!

I had to wait until it turned hot and dry to dig my potatoes. With a June’s record rainfall, the potatoes at the Acre really did well this year. At least the plant part grew well. Typically, I find myself checking the status of the potatoes under ground, I didn’t this year. One thing I […]

Roasted Root Vegetables

Some of the most delicious and fun vegetables to serve are root vegetables. This recipe is delicious, healthy and come in colors that are sure to get your kids eating their vegetables! Ingredients: 2 lb. Potatoes – (Red, Purple, Yellow, etc. The more colorful potatoes you use, the more colorful the dish will be.) 2 […]