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The benefits of Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Preventer

What saves gardeners an enormous amount of time, helps their plants grow faster, encourages fewer insect pests, and allows for spending quality time doing things you would rather be doing than pulling weeds?  – It’s a couple of applications of Hi-Yield Herbicide Weed and Grass Preventer.

When it’s applied before the weeds seeds germinate at a rate of 1 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft., it is an effective weed seed preventer to be used in not only ornamental beds, but also  safe to be used in vegetable gardens once the seeds have germinated or the transplants are planted.

asparagus_acreCultivation is an effective way to control weeds, but why not control them before they germinate? Weed and Grass Preventer, used in conjunction with drip irrigation and straw mulch, is a great way to water vegetable plants with little evaporation while the mulch keeps the drying sun off of the soil. It keeps the soil moist longer, and prevents weeds at the same time.

I like to time the application of Herbicide granules when the soil surface is loose, and just before a rainfall to water it in to the top 2-3” of soil.

This week we cleaned up the asparagus patch of weed debris from last year and applied Hi-Yield Herbicide granules, right before the forecasted moisture. Let’s hope it comes!