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The Unspoken Competition

Everybody knew they were doing it, but didn’t want to admit it. The word on the street was that there was no way what was happening could happen without ‘outside’ help. The results most people were achieving was sub-par, but acceptable, and it had become the norm. Those with outstanding results were claiming their superior achievements were because of normal efforts on their part. Maybe a little attention to detail, maybe pride in what they were doing and the results they were getting. In fact, those with ‘outside’ help were not getting the results that the ones were getting on their own, but the naysayers wouldn’t believe. Those overachievers did have a little secret to their great results, much better than what they had been used to getting from earlier, and most of the time WITH outside assistance. Sometimes the secret is shared, sometimes it not, the competition is fierce out there, and everybody knows it.

No, it’s not illegal doping in the sporting arena that we’re talking about. It’s…lawn care. That neighborhood competition that homeowners compete year in and year out. Sometime it’s friendly, sometimes it’s not. One thing is for sure is that it’s serious business; who has the best looking lawn on the block is the pride of the neighborhood. There may not be any formal trophy, but everybody knows who the winners and losers are – it’s obvious.

Some homeowners choose to go with outside help. You know, that guy with the tank of liquid feed and weedkiller in the back of a truck? Sure, it greens the lawn up for a few days, but not long enough to be crowned champion. Changing lawn companies isn’t always the answer either.

What is the little known secret that some homeowners know, and others don’t? If you’re lucky, the neighbor doing his own lawn will fill you in. If you’re not that lucky, listen up.

We’ve been helping homeowners have the best looking lawn on the block for years with the ferti-lome 5-Step Lawn Care Program. For one, you will save money by doing it yourself. Another thing is that you apply the right product at the right time, not just what’s in the tank. Johnson’s has the people that assist you in a custom, DIY lawn care program that we will store for you and give you an call or email when its time for the next application.

As always,
Happy Gardening!

Marty Johnson