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This is ‘My Acre’

You and me get an acre from our Maker, laying fallow and ready for the plow. Now what to do with that acre from the Maker? Yield a field of love if time allows.

Since the beginning of Marty’s Acre, we’ve continuously talked about being intentional with our acre. One thing we haven’t done is discuss the fact that each person’s acre is different. While some of you may have a 10,000 sq. ft. lot that you can use solely for gardening, a lot of you don’t. Because of this, we are going to do a new series of blog posts titled “This is My Acre “. What we’re asking is for you to capture your unique acre either through video or pictures as you get it planted, and tell us a little bit about your experiences.

Kristen’s Acre:
To kick things off, I’ll start. My name is Kristen, and I’m one of the main contributors to Marty’s Acre. About a year ago we moved into a new house that has a backyard full of shade. We quickly realized that a vegetable garden would be a challenge due to the huge trees, except for one spot. The space that divides ours and our neighbors driveways.

This 5’x 200′(ish) strip extends from the street to our garage, and was ridden with weeds as high as our children. We knew that if we could get that under control by this spring we could get a garden planted. So, after several applications of KillzAll and many of my husband’s Saturdays taken up by the tiller, we have a space that has probably the most amazing soil either of us has ever come across.

This past weekend were able to get out and plant a couple of sections of the garden. While we don’t have the entire space cleared from decades worth of natural accumulation, it’s nice to have a natural break to divide up the sections of the garden even if it doesn’t look that great. We planted two varieties of Asparagus one green one purple, red and white onions, beets, seed potatoes and green beans that we’re hoping will grow up the tension wire coming off the electrical pole.

When spring actually arrives, we plan to add warmer weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and maybe some okra to the remaining area. The thing about gardening is sometimes you have to think outside the box a little bit, and by sharing our ideas and experiences we can help each other out.

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  • Bonnie Mendez

    I bought a house in the Delano area last summer and I too have big beautiful shade trees. I wish I had paid more attention to where the shade lines fall. I know I have some sunny places in the back yard but betreen the shed, privacy fence, and trees I’ll have to do some strategic positioning of the raised beds : -) I’ve almost got the compost bin finished and will get the boxes done for the raised beds by the weekend (I hope). I love my acre!

    • martysacre

      Glad to hear you love your acre, despite it’s uniqueness! We would love to see pictures of your acre once you get the beds, bins and boxes done. What crops are you planning to plant? Are you going to experiment with anything new this year?