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This is ‘Teresa’s Acre’.


We recently spoke with Teresa about her acre, and she had a great report for us! This summer has been a pretty good one, with a lot of bounty coming to the table.

  • The sunchokes, which you’ll recall were Teresa & Suz’s experimental crop, are doing great. They’re currently about 10′ tall, but have yet to bloom. Teresa is excited to enjoy them this fall.
  • She describes her dill as a forest and is trying to use them in any dish that she can, and I’m sure she’s looking for suggestions here!
  • She lost the her squash to squash bugs yet again, but was able to harvest about 6 zucchini before the bugs got to them.
  • The tomatoes are plentiful and delicious. She’s enjoyed making fresh salsa, and using throughout their meals!
  • This is the best year they’ve ever had for bell peppers, which also have been utilized in the aforementioned salsa.
  • She’ll be planting sweet potatoes where the squash was, and she assures us that she won’t be overwintering them again this year!
  • If you have any suggestions for Teresa or would like to know more about how she’s been utilizing her produce, let us know in the comments section!

    Original Post:
    Located in the heart of Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, you’ll find Teresa’s Acre. That’s right, the word of Marty’s Acre has spread and people outside of Wichita are getting excited and making the most of their acre.

    Settled on a corner lot, Teresa has dedicated a 24’x12′ space to grow her edibles alongside her best friend Suz. For the past 5 years they have tended this lot, and have reaped enough produce to feed their households for most of the year.

    Teresa & Suz

    Springtime in Missouri has been almost as slow as it has been in Wichita, but so far Teresa and Suz have been able to prepare the soil by tilling 400 lbs. of chicken poo into the dirt, replaced the chicken wire fence that encloses the area, and have planted Strawberries, Chives and their yearly experimental crop. This year, it’s Sunchokes.

    However, their Acre has not been without challenges. Just last year it slipped Teresa’s mind to dig up her sweet potatoes. This was a question she brought up at a previous Marty’s Acre Hangout, wondering if they would still be valid. As none of us had left our sweet potatoes in the ground through the winter and were unsure of how they’d turn out, she dug them up a few weeks ago and was able to determine that they do not do well being left in the ground throughout the winter.
    Overwintered Sweet Potatoes
    We are excited to see what else Teresa and Suz decide to plant in their acre, and would love to know how you utilize yours! Shoot us an email at or post pictures on our facebook page. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!