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This is the ‘Schlafly’ Acre.

Last weekend I made the trip to St. Louis for a couple of reasons. The first was to see granddaughters, Zoe and Izy. Oh, and their parents, too. The second was to deliver their new flock of ducks. They have become quite the urban farmers as most of their back yard is now dedicated to growing food. This is the 3rd year that they have raised chickens at their Acre after starting with just a few 2 years ago. They now have 11 hens that are starting to lay. Saturday morning, I volunteered to make my famous egg sandwiches for breakfast. Selecting the 4 largest eggs from the 6 that had been laid, I started cracking them and dropping them on the skillet. First one had 2 yokes, then one by one they each had double yokes!
The variety of fresh produce that is being grown at their Acre is amazing for a city lot. Cucumbers, squash, peppers for now, and soon to make it’s way to the table are potatoes, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli and even an artichoke!

This spring we offered ducklings to our customers that were wanting to expand to their homestead flock. Duck eggs are larger, greater yoke to white ratio, (higher fat) but higher in Omega 3. Its fun watching the interaction between chickens and ducks. Where chickens have attitude, the ducks have personality and provide entertainment as they splash around in their wading pool.
One stop on the trip was to the Schlafly Gardenworks. This 1/7th acre garden next to the Schlafly Bottleworks brewery provides 100’s of pounds of organic produce for the restaurant at the brewery. Jack, the gardener spends his time daily tending and giving tours of the garden. We met Jack on our visit to the Gardenworks and found him to be a passionate person when it comes to growing healthy food and sharing not only information to visitors, but produce as well.

In fact, we met one of Jack’s friends, Ann, while we were there. She is a cancer patient who is treating her disease with a non-traditional method and is following the Gerson diet. She stops by the Gardenworks frequently to pick up completely organic produce for her diet which is also completely vegan and was developed by the Gerson Institute out of San Diego, CA. This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing education and training in Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

After our tour of Schlafly Gardenworks we had to experience lunch and beverage at the Schlafly Bottleworks. It’s a must stop for gardening enthusiasts the next time you’re in St Louis.

With all the rain we received (over 10” for the month of June), it’s time to get going on the weed population again. I hope your Acre is producing a bounty this summer and I encourage you to share some of what you grow with friends and family.