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Welcome to Marty’s Acre

What a fun time it’s been getting Marty’s Acre going. As you’ve read on the About Us page, Marty’s Acre has been created as a place for gardeners with any color of thumb, to gather, build community, and learn how to make the most of their acre. What began as a plain plot of land has turned into something much, much bigger. While the physical piece of land is still there, it will no longer be used as a personal gardening space. It is now a place where we will garden with intention. The intention of teaching the art of sustainable living; the intention of giving the gift of feeling dirt on the hands of those who haven’t yet experienced it; the intention of creating an interactive community for gardeners, meeting them where they are; and finally the intention of giving to those who don’t have access to fresh, homegrown vegetables.

We encourage you to interact with Marty’s Acre. We have comment areas available on each of our posts, and would love to have some serious garden discussions going on. Share tips you have come across to help others be successful on their acre, ask questions, and let this be not only a gardening resource, but a community for gardeners like you. Like the song says, “It ain’t what you got or who you are, but what you do that’ll take us far.” Be intentional, build community, and most of all, enjoy your journey.